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F.A.Q. Golfer

1. Should I take my own golf bag for a golfing trip abroad ?
If your trip is mainly for golf, you will be happier using your own full set of clubs… You will feel more comfortable, confident and not have to get used to anything new. On the other hand, if you are travelling more for sightseeing, business or have arranged your own golf and transfers, then I would suggest renting clubs at each course.
2. Should I stock-up on golf balls or buy them on my travels ?
The best thing is to stock up on 1 or 2 dozen of your favorite golf balls that you are used to play and it will be enough to enjoy the challenging Thai fairways!
3. Is travel insurance compulsory ?
This is not compulsory but highly recommended to get one! The major part of our golfers buys travel insurance from their home country and personal insurance agent. This covers you if:
  1. Your flight has been delayed or cancelled.
  2. You have a medical emergency in a foreign country.
  3. You need to cancel your trip due to illness.
  4. Your bags are lost.
  5. Your wallet is stolen, and you need emergency cash.
4. Why to choose a local tour operator like Phuket Swing to make your Golf package for golfing holidays abroad ?
The advantage of using a local Golf Tour Operator like us is that we will take the responsibility of:
  • securing your accommodation
  • booking the golf courses
  • guarantee a secured transport during your holiday
With the expertise of knowing how local business works for many years, with also the potential language complications, this will ensure that from the moment you arrive, you will have the maximum free time to enjoy your golf tour, without any worries!
5. Is it better to prepare currency like Thai Baht, Euros or even US dollars when golfing abroad ?
Yes, travelers should change money on arrival to pay for incidentals, gratuities, and small items at stores that do not accept credit cards. All major airports have money changing kiosks, banks, and ATM machines where local currency can be purchased at competitive rates with most of any worldwide credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.).