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“Is Thailand expensive ?”
No, all prices are more much fair compared to lot of countries, even in Asia. There is great value for money.
“When is the best period to come in Thailand ?”
From November to February, when the weather is cool and not too warm. From March to August, temperatures are much higher and it’s very warm. The best is also avoid the monsoon season in September and October.
“Is a VISA compulsory ?”
No, if you stay less than 30 days in the country (your passport has to be valid until at least 6 months the end of your journey in Thailand). However, more than 30 days you will need absolutely a Tourist Visa.
“Is the politic situation stable ?”
Absolutely! Lasts events of June 2010 with the “Red Shirts” are finished and there is no problem at all in the country! It’s peaceful everywhere.
“In which regions beaches are the most beautiful ?”
Islands in the south! The bests are Ko Tao and Ko Phi Phi for diving or snorkeling, Ko Samui for his calm, Ko Tarutao or Ko Bulon for adventurers.
“Are there diving areas ?”
Thailand is full of very beautiful places for diving around Ko Phi Phi, Ko Tao or Ko Lipe. Similan and Surin islands are one of the best places for diving or snorkeling in the world !
“Do I necessarily need to speak Thai ?”
Not at all! Most of people in touristic areas speak perfectly English! However it’s still funny when you know 2 or 3 sentences in Thai like:

“Good morning”

“sawat di kha” (for men) and “sawat di khrap” (for women)

“How are you?”

““sabai di mai?”

“Thank you”

“kop kun khrap” (for men) and “kop kun khrap” (for women)