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Reasons to play Golf in Thailand

“The Golf Courses”
Thailand benefits of hundreds golf courses throughout the country! Many courses have been thought by international professionals such as Jack Nicklaus or Greg Norman. Many of these Golf Courses are first international class Golf Courses which host professional PGA tournaments with bests actual golfers such as Tiger Woods or Ernie Els!
“The Nice and Cool Weather”
In the cool season from November to February, Thailand has fantastic climate. Constant sunshine and great conditions for a golfing holiday. Even in the summer months when it gets a bit warmer, golfing conditions are still adequate
“The Caddies on Golf courses”
Caddies in Thailand are very helpful and provide exceptional value-added service to your game. Greeting you upon arrival at the clubhouse, they will take care of arrangements before you tee off. They will give you distances to the green, mark balls and give you the lines of your putts! An important help for every golfers that, one day, wished to always have a caddie during his game!
“The warm welcome of Thai people”
The Thai people are known to be some of the friendliest in the world. Always with a smile on their face - it's called the 'land of smiles' for a good reason. Thais are very welcoming towards all visitors and host you in their country like a real friend!